Aims and Scope

This is a different kind of journal...

JET endeavors to be the premier outlet of economic teaching techniques at all levels.  Our community includes economics professors, instructors and high school teachers.

Goals of JET

The mission of the Journal of Economics Teaching is to transmit innovative teaching ideas to teachers of economics at all levels.

Target Audience

JET was created to connect educators looking for a community to share their ideas on ways to teach economics as a whole or specific economic concepts. We encourage educators at all levels to submit, read, and connect with others in the community. The Journal will be publishing ideas from the elementary level through graduate level economics.

What JET offers

JET offers a new kind of journal for those educators interested in making their classroom more engaging and more innovative while not losing the rigor expected in an economics course. Along with journal articles, JET will provide supplemental materials like websites, computer programs, and lesson plans that help keep the lecture an environment conducive to learning economic materials.